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Comprehensive HVAC Services in Duluth, MN

There is no need to deal with cooling or heating issues by yourself when you can rely on professionals. Let Harbor Mechanical provide you with the repair services you need for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our team of HVAC specialists is dedicated to fixing your issues properly.

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Tools for Repairing Toilet

We Have Experience with the Following:

  • Clogged Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • New Water Heater Installation
  • Furnace Tune-Ups
  • New Furnace Installation

Excellent Heating & Cooling Service

Things can quickly grind to a halt when the furnace or AC is not working—a business owner may have to send workers home or not be able to serve customers, and a homeowner may have to send everyone to a motel until things are fixed. When a problem like this arises, call us. We can take care of it for you.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in handling heating and air conditioning repair needs. You can count on our HVAC contractor to keep the inside of your home or business at comfortable temperatures, whatever the weather is like outside.

HVAC Technician with Unit